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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Netherlands 2


We took the train on the 14th of July from Arhem to Amsterdam. We put up at the Ibis Stopera, a pleasant enough and quiet location east of the New Market Square and Rembrandt House, which we toured during our visit.

We saw the Sarah Bernhardt special exhibit at the Jewish Museum, Persian artifacts and art at the Hermitage, and half of the the Dutch Resistance museum on one day, The next day we saw the Historical Museum of Amsterdam before we had to call it a day due to weather. Then on the next day we visited the Foam museum of photography and went back to the Dutch Resistance museum to finish the second half.

We ate Indonesian food and lots more, but throughout our stay the weather continued to be wet and cold as it mostly has been from the beginning of our trip. We looked at the weather predicted for Denmark and Norway and Sweden and decided that we would go south instead of north when we left Amsterdam.

I have to say that Amsterdam contnued to uphold its traditional warm spot in my heart. With all those bicycles going by it is a vision of flying skirts and flashing legs--sometimes a bit more than legs. While there are a few bums panhandling, most street people seem to find some way of earning your spare change by playing an instrument or putting on some entertainment. We can't say enough about Amsterdam and there is always so many things to see and do that we will have to go back another time and see more.

But now for the Rhineland castles and warmer weather.


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