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Friday, June 15, 2007

Trip to Europe 1

Hello everyone,
Yes, we are alive and well and currently in Glasgow enjoying the overcast, drizzling skies and blustery 9 degree centigrade airs. You know we packed for the occasional cold day, but this is a bit more than we expected.
The flight over on FlyGlobeSpan was uneventful, although the seats we were in did not recline quite as far as the others in the section, since there was a bulkhead behind us. As it turned out the convenience of footrests made it more difficult for Connie since her feet did not reach all the way to the rest. Neither of us got any real sleep on the flight and we arrived in Glasgow International about 8:30 a.m. We left Sanford at 6:05 p.m. and our total time on the aircraft, including a stop at Belfast (I thought it was direct, I was wrong) was about 9.5 hours. We took a bus into Glasgow, about 9 miles, and walked the eight blocks to the hotel.
The Ibis center city hotel is convenient and relatively inexpensive. So far it has been very quiet. It is a short three block walk to pubs, bars, takeout kebab joints and the major bus stops. Scottish bacon is wonderful. My first light meal was a BLT at a chain pub. We did the lunch while we waited for a room to open at the hotel since we were there early.
Then we crashed, slept until dinner, went to eat at a chain pub across the street from the other one. Still good food. Crashed again until morning when I basically had to pry Connie off the pillow and we had our first Scottish breakfast at the second pub (because it was the only one open at 8 a.m.). Then we rode the Tourist Bus around town and picked out the things we will see on the third day. Then lunch at an old pub, The Ingram, lentil soup, fresh bread, local ale for me and dark beer for Connie. Truly, no American beer company deserves the name. They should call their product something else, Connie says they should call US beer carbonated horse p***.
We did a afternoon tour of the Glasgow City Council Building (built in 1885) and it is a very interesting building--no expense spared apparently-- and faces King George III Square, which honors Robert Burns and Sir Walter Scott (he is the one atop a tower). The square has a centotaph for the Glasgow dead of the two world wars guarded by two stone lions. In my pictures the council building is the one to the rear of the monument.
Afterwards we walked back the several blocks to the hotel stopping for a high tea at Bradford's tea room. Then a nap. We ate dinner tonight from a take away prakora joint (Breaded fried veggies and a spicy dip). Connie loves the place and the food and the atmosphere and attitude of the people. We plan to stay through Sunday now and go to North Ireland on Monday.


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